Hi, I’m Chengguang (Claude) Xu and now a 5-th year PhD candidate in Khoury College of Computer Sciences at Northeastern University. I am working with Prof. Lawson Wong and Prof. Christopher Amato on deep reinforcement learning and robotics. Before I join the GRAIL and LLPR, I received my Master’s degree in Control Science and Engineering and Bachelor’s degree in Automation at Nankai University, Tianjin, China.

Research Interests

Entering the fifth year of my PhD, I have developed a deep interest for applying computer vision techniques (i.e., perception models, generative models) to enhance the navigation performance of an autonomous robot, with a focus on generalization to previously unseen environments. Besides, starting from my Master’s degree, I am also interested in developing service mobile robots to facilitate humans with basic delivery tasks in daily life. Finally, given the popularity of smartphones, obtaining video data becomes more easier and more popular. Compared to image data, videos usually contain rich information on one or multiple activities, which could be beneficial for solving robotic tasks through learning approaches. Therefore, I am also interested in developing algorithms that can understand video data to facilitate robot learning

Contact: xu dot cheng at northeastern dot edu